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Biostar S120 Series 2.5″ 256GB SSD

Product Highlights / Key Features

S160 series 256GB SSD

2.5" Ultraslim 7.0mm SATA3 6Gb/s interface

BIOSTAR Unique Design

Lightweight, Shockproof Design

Ultra-Fast Data Access

Silent, Low-Power Operation

Max. Read 550MB/s

Max. Write 500MB/s



Buy Biostar S120 Series 2.5″ 256GB SSD   Affordable Price in Bangladesh from Binary LOgic.



Whether you need to store your vast media library, some demanding games, or simply run your system OS from, the 1TB, 512GB, 256GB, and 128GB BIOSTAR S120 SSDs offer a wide array of storage configurations that can meet your specific needs.


Built with a simplistic and fashionable black outer shell, the S120 Series SSDs are elegant yet discreet to match your personal style.


With your data safety in mind, the S120 Series SSDs feature a patented housing design that can effectively prevent damages from shocks and protect your valuable data on the go, an ideal design for laptop or portable pc design.


Because sometimes the worst-case scenario is what you need to be dealing with,  the BIOSTAR S120 Series SSD comes with a six-layer PCB design which makes the SSD exceptionally durable. In addition, the S120’s can operate under an environment of 158˚F (70˚C), making sure the harsh and cramped condition of a laptop won’t affect the SSD performance.


With an overall thickness of only 7mm, thinner than the most popular smartphones, the S160 Series SSD can fit in your PC or laptop's small crevices easily without disturbing the integrity of the build.

Fastest SATA3

Following the industry's most common interface for SSDs, SATA3, the S160 Series can achieve fast transfer speed and excellent endurance with a maximum read and write speed of 550MB/s and 520MB/s respectively, nearly maximizing the available bandwidth of SATA3.

An SSD for life

With a wide range of storage capacity, durable design, stylish look, fast transfer speed, slim profile, and affordable price, the new S160 Series SSDs are there to leave a mark on the market and be the solution of choice for gamers who require fast loading speeds and for content creators with need quick access to their multimedia content.




What is the price of Biostar S120 Series 2.5″ 256GB SSD in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Biostar S120 Series 2.5″ 256GB SSD in Bangladesh is ৳ 3,300. You can buy the Biostar S120 Series 2.5″ 256GB SSD at the best price from our website Binary Logic or visit any of our showrooms. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates & offers.



Biostar SSD Price in Bangladesh


Biostar SSD


Biostar S120 Series 2.5″ 128GB SSD

৳ 2,300

Biostar S120 Series 2.5″ 256GB SSD

৳ 3,300

Biostar S100 Series 2.5″ 480 GB SSD

 ৳ 4,600

Biostar S160-512GB 2.5″ 512GB SSD

৳ 5,500




Thickness 7.0mm
Form Factor


Weight(up to) 36g
Max. Read


Max. Write 510MB/s
Operating Temperature 0~70°C
Operation Systems Windows/Linux/Mac
Caution!! The specification and pictures are subject to change without notice!