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Intel 13th Gen Desktop Processors Product Brief & Features at a Glance
2022-10-06 Binary Digital

Intel 13th Gen Desktop Processors Product Brief & Features at a Glance

As core counts continue to rise, these processors still use Intel's performance hybrid architecture to optimize gaming, content creation, and productivity. With up to 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes and DDR5 memory speeds of up to 5600 MT/s, these processors offer unprecedented levels of performance. Overclock your CPU with a powerful suite of tuning and overclocking tools. Connect up to 4 4K60 displays or up to 8K60 HDR Video with dynamic noise suppression. Support for the Intel 700 series chipsets and backward compatibility with the Intel 600 series chipsets gives you the flexibility to access the features you need for any task. The 13th Gen Intel Core desktop processors deliver the next generation of breakthrough performance for all your favorite experiences.

Next Level Performance with Intel 13th Gen

The 13th Gen Intel Core desktop processors offer unbeatable core performance. Now with up to 24 cores (8 Performance-cores and 16 Efficient-cores) and up to 32 threads, not to mention that Performance-cores can reach 5.8 GHz with Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost, this generation of processors is sure to elevate your performance. Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 improves lightly threaded performance even further by choosing the best-performing Performance-cores. Meanwhile, the extra E-cores enable a larger Intel® Smart Cache (L3), which makes processing larger data sets quicker and easier. The P-core and E-core L2 cache has also increased compared to the previous generation of Intel® processors, so you can get your work done faster by spending less time swapping data between cache and memory. Unleash the power of next-level performance with the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processor advantage.

Dynamic Platform Features

13th Gen Intel Core desktop processors loaded with the latest platform technologies accelerate system performance. Up to 16 PCIe, 5.0 lanes doubles I/O throughput for accelerated processing power. Take advantage of the latest DDR5 support that is transforming the industry for fast speeds up to 5600 MT/s, high bandwidth, and enhanced productivity. Comprehensive advanced tuning and overclocking support—including Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility, Intel® Extreme Memory Profile, and Intel® Dynamic Memory Boost—deliver intelligent overclocking performance on demand. Backward compatibility with Intel’s 600 and 700 series chipsets offers you the flexibility to upgrade without compromising on performance or features.

Seamless Immersion

The 13th Gen Intel Core desktop processors offer the best immersive experiences whether you're playing graphics-heavy games, creating content or focused on work. The enhanced Intel® UHD Graphics powered by Xe architecture provides high-quality visuals for up to 8K60 HDR video and up to 4 4K60 displays. The Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator 3.0 (Intel® GNA) offers efficient noise suppression and high-quality voice output. These high-end sensory experiences are made possible by the best-in-class wired and wireless connectivity of Intel® Killer™ Wi-Fi 6/6E, which intelligently manages and routes your Internet traffic to ensure you're always connected to the fastest channels. The 13th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors provide a seamless, immersive user experience to power your creativity and focus.


Intel 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors: Features at a Glance



The highest-performing CPU core ever built by Intel, designed to handle single-threaded, lightly threaded, or burst workloads like 4K gaming and 3D design.
 Designed to handle multi-threaded and background tasks such as minimized browser tabs, IT services, and cloud syncing, leaving P-cores free to deliver incredible performance without interruption.
Performance Hybrid Architecture Integrates two core microarchitectures into a single die, prioritizing and distributing workloads to optimize performance.
Intel® Thread Director Optimizes workloads by helping the OS scheduler intelligently distribute workloads to the optimal cores.
PCIe 5.02 up to 16 Lanes Offers readiness for up to 32 GT/s for fast access to discrete graphics, storage, and peripheral devices with up to 16 PCI Express 5.0 lanes.
PCIe 4.0 up to 4 Lanes Offers up to 16 GT/s for fast access to storage and peripheral devices with up to 4 PCI Express 4.0 lanes.
Up to DDR5 5600 MT/s3 Delivers the latest, industry-leading innovation in-memory capabilities for fast speeds, high bandwidth, and enhanced workflow productivity.
Up to DDR4 3200 MT/s Continued support of existing memory technology and speeds.
L3 and L2 Cache Increased shared Intel® Smart Cache (L3) and L2 cache sizes allow users to work faster, with larger datasets.
Intel® Deep Learning Boost Accelerates AI inference to improve performance for deep learning workloads.
Gaussian & Neural Accelerator 3.0 (GNA 3.0) Processes AI speech and audio applications such as neural noise cancellation while simultaneously freeing up CPU resources for overall system performance and responsiveness.
Intel® Adaptive Boost Technology Intel® ABT improves performance by opportunistically allowing higher multi-core turbo frequencies while operating within system power and temperature specifications when current, power, and thermal headroom exists.
Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost opportunistically and automatically increases clock frequency of select 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop processors by up to 100 MHz if the processor is at a temperature of 70°C or lower and turbo power budget is available.
Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Identifies the processor’s fastest cores and directs critical workloads to them.
Intel® UHD Graphics driven by Xe Architecture Rich media and intelligent graphics capabilities enable amplified visual complexity, enhanced 3D performance, and faster image processing.
Overclocking Features and Capabilities When paired with the Intel® Z790 or Z690 chipset, processor P-cores, E-cores, graphics, and memory can be set to run at frequencies above the processor specification resulting in higher performance.
Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility A precision toolset for tuning and overclocking, featuring memory and hybrid processor overclocking, so that new and experienced users can get more from their unlocked processors.6
Intel® Extreme Memory Profile 3.0 Simplifies the memory overclocking experience with increased flexibility, additional profiles, and expanded voltage controls.
Intel® Dynamic Memory Boost Intelligent memory overclocking performance on-demand that optimizes platform performance based on usage.



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