Sunmi NS021 Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner for iOS, Android & Windows
The Sunmi NS021 handheld barcode scanner provides users with a stylish and effective, yet low-cost scanning solution, that's ideally suited for retail outlets or even light industry use.

Equipped with a high-performance imaging chip that captures even the shakiest images, this 2D barcode scanner has a high motion tolerance that doesn’t compromise on quality. Its ultra-quick decoding algorithm is the true definition of speed as it accurately identifies folded, colored, and even distorted or damaged barcodes for easy accessibility.

In manual trigger pull mode, the NS021 scanner will briefly vibrate after scanning to let you know when a barcode has been read successfully so operators never miss a code even in noisy environments. It also has an auto-switching mode that is activated when placed onto its desktop stand to automatically scan barcodes - hands-free.

With a stylish modern look that follows the latest design trends, the versatile NS021 handheld barcode scanner can enhance your retail store's image and is fully compatible with any iOS, Android, Windows or Linux-based hardware.


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