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AIGO DarkFlash C7 3in1 PC Case Fan 120mm RGB

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AIGO DarkFlash C7 3in1 PC Case Fan 120mm RGB

Out Of STOCK Regular Price 3,900 ৳ Cash Price 3,500 ৳ SKU: 69040

Product Highlights / Key Features

Aigo Twilight supports AURA SYNC+ Fan speed control + LED light effect mode.

7pcs white fan blade

The radiator has disturbance and noise reduction design function

6Pin interface to provides RGB FAN

Synchronizable RGB lighting

See Specifications


Introducing the AIGO DarkFlash C7 3in1 RGB PC Case Fan – the perfect blend of style and performance to elevate your PC setup. With eye-catching RGB lighting, powerful cooling capabilities, and quiet operation, this fan set is designed to meet all your gaming and PC building needs.

AIGO DarkFlash C7 3in1 PC Case Fan 120mm RGB Features:

Vibrant RGB Lighting: The DarkFlash C7 3in1 PC Case Fan is equipped with mesmerizing RGB LEDs, allowing you to customize your PC's look. Choose from a wide range of colors and dynamic lighting effects to match your style.
Efficient Cooling: These 120mm fans are engineered for maximum airflow and cooling efficiency. With an airflow rating of 38.5 CFM, they help dissipate heat effectively, keeping your components running optimally.
Low Noise Operation: Don't compromise on peace and quiet. The hydraulic bearing design ensures smooth and quiet fan operation, with a noise level of just 25dBA. Enjoy gaming or working without distractions.
Easy Installation: The DarkFlash C7 fans come with a user-friendly 6-pin connector for the fan and a 4-pin connector for power supply, making installation a breeze. You'll have your PC up and running in no time.
Long Lifespan: Built to last, these fans boast a bearing lifetime of 40,000 hours, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.

What is the price of the AIGO DarkFlash C7 3in1 PC Case Fan 120mm RGB in Bangladesh?

The latest price of AIGO DarkFlash C7 3in1 PC Case Fan 120mm RGB in Bangladesh is ৳ 3,500৳. You can buy the AIGO DarkFlash C7 3in1 PC Case Fan 120mm RGB, at the best price from our website or visit your nearest Binary Logic showroom. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates & offers.


Specification Details
LED Color RGB Product
Dimension 120mm(W) x 120mm(D) x 25mm(H)
Operating Voltage 12V
Rated Voltage DC 12V(fan) / 5V(LED)
Rated Power 3.6W
Rated Current 0.15A(+/-20%)
Airflow 38.5CFM
Connector 6-pin (fan) / 4-pin (power supply)
Sound Level 25dBA
Fan Speed 1500(+/-10%) RPM
Bearing Type Hydraulic
Bearing Lifetime 40,000 Hours
Controller Connector 86PIN (for fan), 23PIN (for LED strip)

Product Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these fans compatible with my PC case?
A: The AIGO DarkFlash C7 3in1 RGB PC Case Fan is designed to fit most standard PC cases. The 120mm size is a common size used in many cases. Please check your case's specifications to ensure compatibility.

Q: Can I control the RGB lighting effects?
A: Yes, you can! The included controller allows you to choose from various RGB lighting effects and colors, giving you full control over the aesthetics of your PC.

Q: Are these fans suitable for gaming setups?
A: Absolutely! These fans offer both style and performance, making them an excellent choice for gaming setups. They provide efficient cooling to keep your components running smoothly, and the RGB lighting adds a cool visual element to your gaming rig.