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Binary  PC-14 i3-10105 LGA 1200 Processor

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Binary PC-14 i3-10105 LGA 1200 Processor

IN STOCK Regular Price 39,500 ৳ Cash Price 35,500 ৳ SKU: 70765 Home Delivery: Yes
Monthly EMI
3 Months EMI ৳ 13167
6 Months EMI ৳ 6583
9 Months EMI ৳ 4389
12 Months EMI ৳ 3292

Product Highlights / Key Features

Intel Core i3-10105 3.7 GHz Quad-Core

Biostar 11th Gen H510MHP


Aigo darkFlash J3 ATX With N380PSU

DDR-4 RAM G-SKILL 16GB 2400bus


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Are you looking for a powerful and affordable processor?

Binary  PC-14 i3-10105 LGA 1200 Processor at an affordable price in Bangladesh from Binary Logic.

Meet the Binary PC-14, a computing marvel that combines the formidable Intel Core i3-10105 Quad-Core processor, ample memory, and storage options. Whether you're a professional seeking productivity or a multimedia enthusiast seeking entertainment, the Binary PC-14 is engineered to fulfill your diverse needs.

Binary PC-14 i3-10105 LGA 1200 Processor Features & Benefits:

Intel Core i3-10105 Quad-Core Processor: Running at 3.7 GHz, the Intel Core i3-10105 provides swift and responsive performance for daily computing tasks, ensuring smooth multitasking and application handling.
Biostar 11th Gen H510MHP Motherboard: Trust in the Biostar motherboard's stability and compatibility. It supports the latest technologies, offering seamless connectivity and expansion possibilities.
256GB SSD BIOSTAR M760: Experience quick system boot times, snappy application launches, and reduced load times with the 256GB SSD. Enjoy the efficiency of SSD technology.
Aigo darkFlash J3 ATX Case With N380PSU: The spacious and elegantly designed ATX case not only houses your components securely but also comes with an N380PSU for efficient power delivery, contributing to an organized setup.
DDR-4 RAM G-SKILL 16GB 2400MHz: Power through tasks with 16GB of G-SKILL DDR4 RAM, ensuring smooth performance even when running memory-intensive applications.
1TB SATA HDD: Store your growing collection of files, media, and projects on the capacious 1TB SATA HDD. Benefit from reliable and extensive storage space.

This system comes with a number of great features, including:

  • Quad-core processor with a speed of 3.7 GHz
  • Support for DDR4 RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • N380PSU power supply
  • G-SKILL 16GB 2400bus DDR4 RAM

These features combine to provide a great gaming and computing experience.

What is the price of the Binary PC-14 i3-10105 LGA 1200 Processor in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Binary PC-14 i3-10105 LGA 1200 Processor in Bangladesh is 35,500৳. You can buy the Binary PC-14 i3-10105 LGA 1200 Processor, at the best price from our website or visit any of your nearest Binary Logic showrooms. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates & offers.

The Binary PC-14 offers a blend of power, speed, and storage versatility. With the robust Intel Core i3-10105 Quad-Core processor, ample memory, and a combination of SSD and HDD storage, this PC can tackle a wide range of computing demands. From work to entertainment, it's a reliable companion.

Product Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I upgrade the RAM in the Binary PC-14?
A: Yes, the Binary PC-14 supports RAM upgrades. It has two RAM slots, allowing you to expand your memory for enhanced multitasking and performance.

Q: Is the storage configuration customizable?
A: Absolutely. While the Binary PC-14 comes with a 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD, you can adjust the storage setup to suit your needs by adding more SSDs, HDDs, or even NVMe drives.

Q: Can I run graphic-intensive applications on this PC?
A: The Binary PC-14 is well-suited for general graphics tasks and multimedia consumption. However, for intense gaming or professional graphics work, consider upgrading the graphics card for optimal performance.