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Cooler Master Recon

Gaming Mouse

Product Highlights / Key Features

Avago 3090 optical sensor with 800-4000 dpi

On-The-Fly DPI adjustments

On-The-Fly Lift-Off-Distance adjustments

On-The Fly USB polling rate adjustments

Up to 1.5m/s or 60”/s tracking speed and 20G of acceleration

Extra wide 16-bit USB data path

Highest grade Japanese Omron micro switches

Highest grade Japanese Omron micro switches

Ultra swift mouse feet

Super Grip coated ambidextrous mousebody

Flexible 1.8 meter or 78.6 inch long cable

1000 Hz polling rate / 1ms response time

Multicolor Mousew heel light to identify Profiles

Dimensions (W x H x D): 64.4 x 116.4 x 42 mm/ 2.53 x 4.58 x 1.65 inches


Cooler Master Recon Mouse Price In Bangladesh

A Pure Gaming mouse for Gamers 

The Cooler Master Recon Mousen  is specially designed for the the gamers who are looking for high presission and durability.this mouse will allows the gamers to perform high in a gaming score.it is engineered to execute precise in-game tactics. Recon is comes with hitgh performance 4000 DPI sensor that includes on-the-fly adjustment, an ultra-step wheel encoder – providing extremely accurate scrolling. 




Precision Anti-Drift Control Sensor

Recon utilizes the latest high performance optical engine ensuring extreme stability and reliability. Based on an anti-drift architecture, it delivers stable and precise tracking in mouse lift and drop scenarios. Angle snapping can be enabled or disabled for exact swift crosshair movements enabling amazing skill-shots and incredible aiming accuracy.


DPI On the Fly

Conveniently placed under the scroll wheel, you can switch the DPI resolution between 800,1600,3200 and 4000 within an instant.


Rubberized Anti-Slip Design

A Special sweat proof rubber compound on both sides of Recon gives you maximum grip. Even in heated hour long matches and during quick lift and drop moves you retain full control while repositioning and racing Recon over the mousepad.it also gives you smooth comphy feeling whenever and whoever lays an eye on it.


Model Number SGM-4005-KLLW1
Grip Type Palm
Material Soft Touch Paint
Color Black
LEDs Yes, 7 colors
Sensor Avago ADNS-9800 Laser Sensor
CPI / DPI Up to 8200
Tracking Speed 150 ips
Lift Off Distance < 2.1mm
Polling Rate 1000 Hz / 1 ms
Angle Snapping YES
Mouse acceleration 30 g
Programming Profiles 4
Onboard Memory 128KB
Programmable buttons 7
Special Features Sculpted ergonomic grip design
Connector Cable USB 2.0
1.8 m / 70.9 in
Dimensions L x W x H 124.8 x 60.4 x 40.2 mm
4.91 x 2.38 x 1.58 in
Weight 121 g / 0.27 lbs
Weight (without USB Cable) 100g / 0.22lbs
Packaged Dimensions 156 * 66 * 220 mm
6.1 * 2.6 * 8.7 inch
Packaged Weight 300g / 0.66 lbs
Warranty 2 years
Software YES
Accessories NO