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Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz 32GB RAM at Binary Logic

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Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz (16GBx2) 32GB GAMING RAM

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Product Highlights / Key Features

Memory Size : 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB)

Frequency : DDR5-6000 MHz

Timing : 40-40-40-76 (XMP 6000MHz)

Performance Profile : XMP 3.0

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Are you looking for a high-performance memory kit that supports Intel's Z690 chipset?

Buy Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz 32GB RAM at an affordable price from Binary Logic.

Unleash the power of the Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz 32GB GAMING RAM and take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Crafted for gamers and performance enthusiasts, this Dual Channel Kit offers remarkable speed and stunning RGB illumination.

Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 32GB GAMING RAM Feature:

Next-Gen DDR5 UDIMM:
Experience the future of memory technology with DDR5 UDIMM. The Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 RAM provides unparalleled speed and capacity, ensuring smooth gaming and multitasking.

Dual 16GB Modules:
With a total capacity of 32GB (16GB x 2), this RAM kit lets you handle resource-intensive games and applications effortlessly. Say goodbye to performance bottlenecks and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

Extreme Speeds with XMP 3.0:
Boasting a tested speed of 6000MHz, this RAM kit supports XMP 3.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) for easy overclocking. Achieve maximum performance with just a few clicks in your BIOS settings.

Vivid RGB Fusion:
The AORUS Gray heat spreaders are enhanced with vibrant RGB Fusion lighting. Customize your gaming rig's aesthetics with a full spectrum of colors and dynamic lighting effects.

Enhanced Stability and Efficiency:
The Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 RAM offers stability with tested latency timings of 40-40-40-76. It operates at a low voltage of 1.35V, striking a balance between performance and power efficiency.

Compatibility and Ease of Installation:
With a 288-pin package memory pin design, installation is a breeze. Simply slot these modules into your motherboard's DIMM slots for an instant performance boost.

What is the price of the Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz (16GBx2) 32GB GAMING RAM in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz (16GBx2) 32GB GAMING RAM in Bangladesh is ৳ 0. You can buy the Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz (16GBx2) 32GB GAMING RAM, at the best price from our website or visit your nearest Binary Logic showroom. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates & offers.



Memory Type DDR5 UDIMM
Capacity 32GB kit (2x16GB)
Multi-Channel Kit Dual Channel Kit
SPD Latency 40-40-40-77
SPD Speed 4800MHz
SPD Voltage 1.1V
Tested Latency 40-40-40-76
Tested Speed 6000MHz
Tested Voltage 1.35V
Heatspreader Color AORUS Gray
Package Memory Pin 288
Performance Profile XMP 3.0
RGB FUSION       Yes

Product Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this RAM kit compatible with my gaming motherboard?
A: To ensure compatibility, check if your motherboard supports DDR5 UDIMM memory and has Dual Channel Kit slots. Refer to your motherboard's specifications or contact the manufacturer for compatibility details.

Q: Can I control the RGB lighting effects on this RAM?
A: Yes, the Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 RAM features RGB Fusion, allowing you to customize and control the RGB lighting effects to match your gaming rig's aesthetics.

Q: How do I enable XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) for overclocking?
A: Enabling XMP is typically done through your motherboard's BIOS settings. Refer to your motherboard's user manual for step-by-step instructions on how to activate XMP and achieve the RAM's maximum speed.

Q: What benefits will I see from upgrading to DDR5 RAM for gaming?
A: Upgrading to DDR5 RAM, such as the Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz 32GB GAMING RAM, will result in significantly improved gaming performance. You'll experience faster load times, smoother gameplay, and better multitasking capabilities.