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G.skill RipjawsV 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4-3600 CL18-22-22-42 1.35V RAM price

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G.skill RipjawsV 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4-3600 CL18-22-22-42 1.35V RAM

IN STOCK Regular Price 3,400 ৳ Cash Price 3,000 ৳ SKU: 15977 Warranty: Limited Lifetime Home Delivery: Yes

Product Highlights / Key Features


DDR4 : 8GB ( 1x8GB)

Multi-Channel Kit Dual Channel Kit

Tested Speed (XMP/EXPO) 3600 MT/s

Tested Latency (XMP/EXPO) 18-22-22-42

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Are you looking for a high-performance memory option for your PC?

G.skill RipjawsV  F4-3600C18D-16GVK 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4-3600 CL18-22-22-42 1.35V RAM is a great option to consider. This memory is designed for gaming, video and image editing, rendering, and data processing and is available in a wide range of frequency options. It is also rigorously tested to ensure outstanding quality.

G.skill RipjawsV F4-3600C18D-16GVK 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4-3600 CL18-22-22-42 1.35V RAM Features & Benefits:

High-Speed Performance: This DDR4 memory module boasts a tested speed of 3600 MT/s, ensuring lightning-fast data access and processing. Whether you're gaming, multitasking, or running resource-intensive applications, this RAM has you covered.
Low Latency: With a tested latency of 18-22-22-42, you can count on reduced data transfer delays, resulting in smoother and more responsive system performance.
Dual Channel Kit: The RipjawsV 8GB DDR4 RAM comes in a dual-channel kit, optimizing data transfer rates and compatibility with motherboards that support dual-channel configurations.
Intel XMP 2.0 Ready: This RAM is Intel XMP 2.0 ready, meaning you can easily enable extreme memory profiles for even higher performance with compatible systems.
Unbuffered and Non-ECC: It's unbuffered and non-ECC, making it ideal for a wide range of applications without the need for error-correcting features.
Plug-and-Play: The SPD Speed of 2133 MT/s and SPD Voltage of 1.20V ensure seamless compatibility with a wide range of systems. Simply plug it in, and it's ready to go.
Warranty Assurance: G.Skill stands by the quality of its product with a limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

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What is the price of the G.skill RipjawsV 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4-3600 CL18-22-22-42 1.35V RAM in Bangladesh?

The latest price of G.skill RipjawsV 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4-3600 CL18-22-22-42 1.35V RAM in Bangladesh is ৳ 3,000 . You can buy the G.skill RipjawsV 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4-3600 CL18-22-22-42 1.35V RAM, at the best price from our website or visit any your nearest Binary Logic showroom. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates & offers.


Memory Type DDR4
Capacity 8GB
Multi-Channel Kit Dual Channel Kit
Tested Speed (XMP) 3600 MT/s
Tested Latency (XMP) 18-22-22-42
Tested Voltage (XMP) 1.35V
Registered/Unbuffered Unbuffered
Error Checking Non-ECC
SPD Speed (Default) 2133 MT/s
SPD Voltage (Default) 1.20V
Fan Included No
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Features Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready

Product Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the G.SKILL RipjawsV 8GB DDR4-3600 CL18 RAM?
A1: The G.SKILL RipjawsV 8GB DDR4-3600 CL18 RAM is a high-performance memory module designed to enhance your computer's performance and multitasking capabilities. It's part of the RipjawsV series known for its reliability and speed.

Q2: What does "8GB (1x8GB)" mean?
A2: This indicates that the RAM module has a total capacity of 8GB, and it consists of a single 8GB memory stick.

Q3: What does DDR4-3600 CL18 mean?
A3: "DDR4-3600" refers to the memory's operating frequency, which is 3600 megahertz (MHz). The "CL18" refers to the CAS latency, a timing parameter that affects memory speed. In this case, the CAS latency is 18.

Q4: What do the numbers "22-22-42" represent in the timings?
A4: The numbers "22-22-42" represent the memory module's timing settings, specifically the CAS latency (CL), RAS-to-CAS delay (tRCD), and RAS Precharge (tRP) values in that order. These timings affect how quickly the RAM responds to requests.

Q5: What is the voltage requirement for this RAM?
A5: The G.SKILL RipjawsV 8GB DDR4-3600 CL18 RAM operates at a voltage of 1.35V.

Q6: What is the advantage of having higher frequency RAM like DDR4-3600?
A6: Higher frequency RAM can lead to improved data transfer rates, allowing your system to process information more quickly. This can result in smoother multitasking, faster application loading times, and overall enhanced system performance.

Q7: Is this RAM module compatible with my computer?
A7: To determine compatibility, you should check your computer's motherboard specifications. Ensure that your motherboard supports DDR4 memory and is compatible with the specified frequency (3600MHz in this case). It's also a good idea to consult the motherboard's QVL (Qualified Vendor List) to see if this specific RAM module is listed.

Q8: Does this RAM have a heat spreader?
A8: The information provided doesn't mention a heat spreader, so it's likely that this particular RAM module does not come with one. A heat spreader is a metal or plastic covering that helps dissipate heat from the memory chips, potentially aiding in cooling.