Modern Aesthetic Design with Full RGB Lighting Effect

The Premium Series features a modern design, with the enclosure made of SECC steel. The black finish plus the full RGB In Win logo lighting effect will allow users to match with most themed builds.

Customize Your PSU

The Premium Series has a fully RGB logo that radiates the color of your choice. The Premium Series is compatible with 4-pin RGB header(s) found on many ASUS Aura-ready motherboards or other vendors’ RGB-supported motherboards. As long as users activate the software of the motherboard manufacturers, the possibilities are endless.

Smart Fan Control for Optimal Noise Reduction and Cooling Management

The 135mm durable fluid hypro bearing fan not only operates at the fastest speed, but also helps keep the internal components cool. It aims at offering a quiet operating environment for users.

The Premium Series’ DC to DC convert design provides perfect electrical conversion efficiency, offering superior dynamic response and supports a foundation for greater system stability.

High Quality You can Trust

Highly Reliable Japanese Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
The Premium Japanese capacitors with 105 °C rating helps stabilize the power at higher temperatures, provide increased longevity, reduce ripple and electrical instabilities and offer better power efficiency.

Fully Modular Cables for Quick and Easy Installation

The fully modular and low-profile cable design let users quickly and easily install without any difficulty

Superior Air Flow

The 135mm durable hypro bearing fan exhausts the generated heat from the power supply, optimizing excellent cooling performance.

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