Nvidia Quadro RTX6000 24 GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

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The World’s First Ray Tracing GPU

NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 6000, powered by the NVIDIA Turing™ architecture and the NVIDIA RTX™ platform, brings the most significant advancement in computer graphics in over a decade to professional workflows. Designers and artists can now wield the power of hardware-accelerated ray tracing, deep learning, and advanced shading to dramatically boost productivity and create amazing content faster than ever before.

NVIDIA Turing GPU Architecture
World’s most advanced GPU with the all-new RT Cores for ray tracing, 576 Tensor Cores for deep learning, and 4,608 NVIDIA CUDA® cores for parallel computing.

Next-Gen Memory
Equipped with industry-first 24 GB of ultra-fast GDDR6 memory to hold complex designs, massive architectural datasets, 8K movie content, and more.

Links two GPUs with a high-speed interconnect to scale memory capacity to 48 GB and drive higher performance with up to 100 GB/s of data transfer.

RTX 6000
CUDA Parallel-Processing Cores 4,608
NVIDIA Tensor Cores 576
NVIDIA RT Cores 72
GPU Memory 24 GB GDDR6
Rays Cast 10 Giga Rays/Sec
FP32 Performance 16.3 TFLOPS
Max Power Consumption 295 W
Graphics Bus PCI Express 3.0 x 16
Form Factor 4.4″ (H) x 10.5″ (L) Dual Slot
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