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TwinMOS DDR4 2666MHz U-DIMM RAM for Desktop

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TwinMOS DDR4 2666MHz U-DIMM RAM for Desktop

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Product Highlights / Key Features


transfer speed of 21,300 MB/s

operating voltage of 1.2

Capacity: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB

Latency (CAS): CL19

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Do you want a memory module that is energy-efficient and reduces heat?

TwinMOS DDR4 2666MHz U-DIMM RAM for Desktop at an affordable price in Bangladesh from Binary Logic.

TwinMOS DDR4 2666MHz U-DIMM for desktop products is fully compliant with JEDEC standards and is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all major platforms on the market. With up to 32 GB of temporary storage space, data processing speed is twice as fast. The superb performance of TwinMOS provides you with excellent quality of stability, long-term efficiency, and low power consumption.

TwinMOS DDR4 2666MHz U-DIMM RAM Features & Benefits:

Exceptional DDR4 Memory:
Experience enhanced performance with DDR4 memory technology. Choose from capacities of 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB to match your computing needs.

Speed That Boosts Productivity:
With a clock speed of 2666MHz, this RAM allows your desktop to handle multitasking, applications, and gaming with ease.

Efficient Form Factor:
Designed in DDR4 form factor, this RAM is compatible with a wide range of desktop systems, ensuring seamless integration.

Low CAS Latency (CL19):
With a low latency of CAS 19, this RAM efficiently manages data access, reducing delays and optimizing your desktop's responsiveness.

Energy-Efficient Operation:
Operating at a voltage of 1.2V, this RAM is energy-efficient, contributing to reduced power consumption and heat generation.

What is the price of the TwinMOS DDR4 2666MHz U-DIMM RAM for Desktops in Bangladesh?

The latest price of TwinMOS DDR4 2666MHz U-DIMM RAM for Desktop in Bangladesh is ৳ 0. You can buy the TwinMOS DDR4 2666MHz U-DIMM RAM for Desktops, at the best price from our website or visit your nearest Binary Logic showroom. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates & offers.


Brand TwinMOS
Capacity 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
Speed 2666MHz
Form Factor DDR4
Latency (CAS) CL19
Voltage 1.2V

Product Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this RAM compatible with my desktop?
A: The TwinMOS DDR4 2666MHz U-DIMM RAM is compatible with desktop systems that support DDR4 memory. Ensure your motherboard and processor are compatible with DDR4 RAM for seamless integration.

Q: Can I mix different capacities of this RAM in my desktop?
A: While it's possible to mix RAM capacities, it's advisable to use identical modules for optimal performance. Mixing different capacities may work but could result in suboptimal performance or compatibility issues.

Q: What benefits will I see from upgrading my desktop's RAM?
A: Upgrading your desktop's RAM can lead to improved multitasking capabilities, faster application loading times, smoother overall performance, and enhanced responsiveness during tasks like gaming and content creation.

Q: How do I install RAM on my desktop?
A: Desktop RAM installation typically involves locating the RAM slots on your motherboard and inserting the RAM modules securely. Consult your desktop's user manual for specific instructions or seek professional assistance if needed.