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Birch WS50 Wireless Barcode Scanner

IN STOCK Regular Price 10,800 ৳ Cash Price 10,000 ৳ SKU: 42311
Monthly EMI
3 Months EMI ৳ 3600
6 Months EMI ৳ 1800
9 Months EMI ৳ 1200
12 Months EMI ৳ 900

Product Highlights / Key Features

Model: WS50

Interface Type: USB

Products Status: Stock

Scan Element Type: CCD

Type: Barcode Scanner

See Specifications


Do you need a reliable and high-performance pocket-sized scanner?

Birch WS50 Wireless Barcode Scanner Price in Bangladesh from Binary Logic.

The Birch WS50 Wireless Barcode Scanner is capable of 500 scans per second, making it perfect for busy environments. It also has 8MB of memory and Bluetooth technology built-in, allowing you to scan and store data on the go. Plus, the laser design makes it easy to use and helps ensure accuracy.

Birch WS50 Wireless Barcode Scanner Features & Benefits:

  • State-of-the-art design: The WS50 pocket scanner is aesthetically pleasing and functionally flawless.
  • 8MB of data memory: This allows you to store data on the go.
  • Windows/iOS/Linux/Android compatibility: This scanner can be used with a variety of operating systems.
  • 1,000 scan/second performance: This makes the scanner perfect for busy environments.
  • IP54 rated housing: This protects the scanner from dust and water.

How Birch WS50 Wireless Barcode Scanner works:

To use the Birch WS50 Wireless Barcode Scanner, simply hold down the trigger button and aim the laser at the barcode you wish to scan. The scanner will then quickly and accurately scan the barcode. You can then store the data on the go, or transmit it in real-time via the Bluetooth connection.


Specification Details
Manufacturer Birch
Model WS50
Barcode 3807000005977
Sensor Photo Diode
Ambient Light 50000 Lux Max
Scanning Speed 500 scan/second
Interface USB
Resolution 20 mil
Weight 70 g